Innovation in Smart Modular Construction




Spartan Modular Technologies is a technology company that is revolutionizing how construction is done today via next generation smart modular construction. Spartan is in the business of manufacturing smart technology modular builds for both residential and commercial purposes, these builds incorporate green technology to achieve Net Zero Standards as well as other next generation smart technology. Spartan via their parent company Megahoot and FGA Partners works closely with developers, governments and land owners in the development of affordable, middle market and high end modular homes. As well as both small and large scale commercial projects all incorporating innovative smart technology modular construction. This is both domestically and internationally.


The path of Spartan Modular Technologies in the smart technology modular manufacturing industry is one of true innovation and technology. The Command Center industry is hungry for the next generation of models and Spartan will be working hand in hand with Fortis American Brands to implement our proprietary technology into the new command center builds in 2020 , this will geared towards military and civilian law enforcement and emergency use. These units will be portable, incorporate solar technology, will be retrofitted with the smart technology and connectivity required for the unit.


These units will also incorporate security systems to make it near impossible to breach. Security is at the forefront for all of Spartan’s smart modular builds, whether its a residential, commercial or command center build.


The growth and innovation that we adhere to will be continued as we head into the new technological age by incorporating green technology and innovation into the Spartan Modular Technologies smart modular units.

Innovating The Modular Industry With Smart Technology